Signs That Your Car Has Been Written Off Following An Accident

There is no hard and fast rule that only old, scrap cars are removed for cash by the wreckers. Cars that meet with mishaps are also removed, as and when they are knocked out beyond repair. In fact, reputable car removal companies not only remove old, scrap cars for cash. They also remove cars that are written off following accidents.

Now the point here is, how will you understand that your car has been written off following an accident. There are some telltale signs that will tell you about it. On this page, let us discuss the signs and symptoms that will tell you that your car is knocked out of repair by the accident and you need to summon a service that pays cash for cars in Canberra to dispose of it.

It is Unsafe to Repair the Car 

At times, accidents inflict certain structural damage to the car that becomes unsafe to repair. When that happens the car can never be repaired, needs to be permanently de-registered, and considered junk. Damages that cannot be repaired include:

  • Excessive structural damage
  • Excessive fire damage wherein the paint on the roof, the floor and the pillars, the structural walls and the chassis has been severely blistered
  • Combination of interior and exterior damage
  • Excessive water damage due to full or partial inundation of the internal cabin in water
  • Excessive stripping damage, where too many interior and exterior parts, components and panels of the car are damaged or stripped off – for instance wheels, guards, doors, the boot and the bonnet etc.

It is Not Economically Feasible to Repair the Car

You should sell off your accident-damaged car to wreckers who pay instant cash for cars if it turns out that it is not economically feasible to repair the car. Let us explain.

It is considered uneconomical to repair the car if:

Repair Costs + Salvage Value is greater than the pre-accident market value of the car or the sum assured.

In other words, if summation of the salvage value of the car (i.e. the cost of repairing and transportation of the car to the salvage yard) and the repair cost is seen to be more than the pre-accident cost of the car it is deemed uneconomical to repair the car following the accident. However, the insurer in this case will carry out an assessment to come to a final decision.

So What Should You Do? 

Now let us come to the conclusion. If you have faced the unfortunate event of your car meeting an accident the first and foremost step to take is consulting a professional mechanic. The individual will take a hard look at your vehicle, weigh the pros and cons of repairing the car and let you know about the final verdict. Once it is decided that you have to sell the car off to a company that conducts car removal for cash you need to summon us, if you are in and around Canberra.

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