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Car Wreckers Canberra

Your Most Favoured Car Wreckers in Canberra

Car Removals Canberra is one of the most trustworthy names, offering eco-friendly car wrecking service in Canberra. With an excellent infrastructure, and with some of the most trained, seasoned and qualified technicians at our disposal, we are the most dependable names, when it comes to dismantling old, scrap cars, UTE’s, vans, SUV’s, 4WD’s and the likes.
Why Is Our Canberra Car Wrecking Service So Popular?
As one of the most competent car wreckers in Canberra, we at Car Removals Canberra put most emphasis on customer satisfaction. Besides, we also ensure that our service never contributes to carbon footprint. Thus, as we do all that it takes to get our customers the most out of their old cars, we also ensure that the cars are recycled using the best and the latest technology. One of the main factors of our car wrecking service in Canberra is that it is absolutely free.

Besides, we would provide all the paperwork needed, however minimal it may be, so that the transfer prior to the towing away and wrecking can be as hassle free as possible for our customers. Once the paperwork is done with, we then make the payment instant, load the scrap car in our tow away truck and move.

We have a state of the art car wrecking yard in Canberra where we stockpile, and dismantle the old cars before recycling it in an ecofriendly way.

What Does Our Canberra-wide Car Wrecking Service Include?
Our free Canberra wide car wrecking service would include cars and trucks, vans and commercial vehicles, 4WDs, SUVs, UTEs that are:

  • Old and unfit for use
  • Damaged in Accident
  • Flood damaged beyond repair
  • Scrap
  • DOT-Failed vehicles

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Our car wrecking system in Canberra is one of the simplest one. Just call us to let us know about your needs and get a free quote. Once you oblige, we come to your place, hand over the cash instantly and tow away the car for free. So do not wait. Call us today for a free quote.