How to Sell the Scrap Car when the Owner is Deceased?

When the owner of a scrap car is deceased, their vehicle – the drivable ones as well as the scrap, old ones, if any – falls in the hands of the executor of the deceased person’s will, or in the hands of a relative or an administrator.

The proceedings will have to follow the guidelines as set by the local government that will help in these unfortunate situations. And the procedure is somewhat different from the conventional methods that are generally followed while selling old, scrap cars.

Estimating the Price of the Car

Before you take any step, you need to make sure that you are aware of the scrap car in question. You will find a number of ways to know the price of the car. However, the most authentic way for you will be to get in touch with a reputable car wrecker that pays cash for cars in Canberra. Since these companies are in tune with the current market conditions including the price of scrap metal (the price of which fluctuates regularly) they are in the best position to provide you with an accurate estimate.

You need to share all the information about the car, including its make and model, age and condition of car. This will help them come up with a precise price that the car truly deserves. Once you find the estimate acceptable, these car wreckers will make the sale of the scrap car easier for you. Besides providing the true estimate of the car, they will arrange an on spot payment of the price and same day removal of the car followed by eco-friendly dismantling and recycling of the car. These professionals offering cash for used cars in Canberra will also handle all the paperwork, though they will need minimal paperwork.

Managing the Documentation

As and when the car’s owner is deceased, proving the ownership of the car in question may be a tricky affair, unlike in normal cases when the cars are sold by the owners. As the first step, the will’s executor will have to obtain a valid probate for transferring the car to the relative or the next of the kin to whom the car along with other assets are willed. Alongside, the executor has to furnish the death certificate to the authorities.

In case there is any will, a valid probate document, proof of ownership of the car along with the government ID will have to be provided to the car wreckers and the time of the sale.

In case there is no will, the executor, as a seller will have to obtain a valid and statutory declaration in regards to the relationship with the deceased at the time of the sale of the car to the professionals who are into car removals in Canberra.

Cancellation of the Registration

In case the car to be sold is still registered, the executor of the will has to either transfer the registration to the willed person, or have to cancel the registration. This is very important to avoid fraudulent deals and thefts. In case the vehicle is not registered, filling out the sale form of the vehicle will be enough before selling the car to the wreckers.

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